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Give them their own copy of the document

Have you ever created a file in Google Workspace (Docs, Sheets, or Slides) and wanted to share it with someone, but wanted them to not modify the original and just make a copy of it for themselves? You could tell them to go to the menu and choose File, make a copy, … and hope for the best! Unfortunately, we can’t control whether they make a copy or not.

Here are two ways you can “force a copy”…

“White Snow, Yellow Snow” and Crumpled Paper. New Ideas for Class Discussion

I was listening to NPR’s All Things Considered yesterday, and I heard a wonderful story about ways to invite introverted students to share their thinking in class. As an introvert myself, I appreciated these discussion strategies to make space for students who don’t feel comfortable speaking up in class. This piece focused on a 9th-grade classroom, but I think the...