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Give them their own copy of the document

Have you ever created a file in Google Workspace (Docs, Sheets, or Slides) and wanted to share it with someone, but wanted them to not modify the original and just make a copy of it for themselves? You could tell them to go to the menu and choose File, make a copy, … and hope for the best! Unfortunately, we can’t control whether they make a copy or not.

Here are two ways you can “force a copy”…

“White Snow, Yellow Snow” and Crumpled Paper. New Ideas for Class Discussion

I was listening to NPR’s All Things Considered yesterday, and I heard a wonderful story about ways to invite introverted students to share their thinking in class. As an introvert myself, I appreciated these discussion strategies to make space for students who don’t feel comfortable speaking up in class. This piece focused on a 9th-grade classroom, but I think the...

tomatoes of different colors displayed on a wooden table

Use to Collaboratively Annotate YouTube Videos

The social annotation tool has recently enabled the ability to annotate YouTube videos. YouTube videos. Note that this feature only works for YouTube videos that have a transcript. The annotations will appear on the transcript that appears alongside the video. Follow these instructions to enable in YouTube videos within your Moodle course. Some instructional uses of this new...