Time Saving Features coming with Moodle v4

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Our usual Moodle summer upgrade will bring time-saving and usability enhancements when Moodle 4 is implemented in early June 2023.  While at first glance, Moodle 4 looks quite different from our current version, 3.11, all current functionality has been retained and the benefits realized with the new enhancements will more than offset the time spent adjusting to the new interface.

For example, Moodle v4 brings significant improvements to the navigation of the Moodle course home page.  All users will be able to expand or compress individual topics, thereby avoiding the typically long scroll through topics and activities.  For teachers, a noticeable improvement is the ability to access the Turn editing on button from anywhere on the course page, without having to scroll back to the top of the page.

See a brief description of some of the other v4 changes along with short videos introducing the changes.

More details about Moodle 4 will be posted throughout the semester on the Colgate Moodle Info site.

Sharon Trerise