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Use Hypothes.is to Collaboratively Annotate YouTube Videos

The social annotation tool Hypothes.is has recently enabled the ability to annotate YouTube videos. YouTube videos. Note that this feature only works for YouTube videos that have a transcript. The annotations will appear on the transcript that appears alongside the video. Follow these instructions to enable Hypothes.is in YouTube videos within your Moodle course. Some instructional uses of this new...

Activity Design Ideas for Social Annotation and Hypothes.is

I previously posted a showcase of webpages annotated with Hypothes.is, ideas for Hypothes.is assignments, instructions for creating Hypothes.is enabled readings in Moodle and other resources for getting started with social annotation and Hypothes.is. However, those resources only go so far in creating effective and engaging social annotation experiences for students. Simply requiring students to “make annotations using Hypothes.is” may not...