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I first discovered podcasts about pedagogy in January 2021. In the dark winter days of working remotely before vaccines, I turned to podcasts about teaching when I was sick of sitting at my computer. I’d download a podcast to my phone, put on my headphones and go for a walk while listening. I don’t know if it was the podcasts or the walk in the fresh air, but I’d come back to my desk with new insights about teaching and learning.

I’ve continued to listen to podcasts about pedagogy ever since. Here are some of my favorite pedagogy podcasts, with links to a “gateway episode” to get you started listening.

The Teaching in Higher Ed Podcast

Hosted by Dr. Bonni Stachowiak (Dean of Teaching and Learning at Vanguard University), this podcast covers a wide variety of topics. Each week, Bonni hosts a special guest to dive into a specific topic related to teaching and learning. The show notes for each episode provides links to the resources that are shared during the interview. With over 400 episodes, it’s likely you’ll be able to find something pertaining to your interests.

Dead Ideas in Teaching and Learning

Produced by the Center for Teaching and Learning at Columbia University, this podcast series delves into the “dead ideas” about teaching and learning that are widely believed to be true but aren’t based in the science of learning. This podcast has explored “dead ideas” about grading, teaching with technology and student motivation. The most recent season has focused on “dead ideas” around rigor.

Intentional Teaching

The Intentional Teaching podcast is hosted by Derek Bruff, educator, author and consultant with a long history of educational development in higher ed. This is a new podcast series from Derek which explores new ideas in teaching Derek previously hosted the educational technology podcast Leading Lines, which no longer produces new episodes, but is still great nonetheless).

More Podcasts

You can find more podcasts about teaching and learning (and beyond)in this list of over 100 more podcasts created for and by higher education professionals.

Happy listening!